Saturday, November 22, 2008

water tank does fit !

You can see here that the water tank does fit ! Stainless steel holding around 115 gallons (we think!!).

Bulkheads in - this photo is looking from lounge area (at front) down the boat to show what will be the galley.

If you can imagine, then this is standing in the galley looking into the bathroom which is of the walk-through variety.

This last week, Mick has been sorting out electrics and we now have lights working which have been zoned for each "room". He's also been doing other "things with electrics" for all the other bits and bods we need electric for (don't ask me, it's far too technical !!).

We have 6 batteries fitted plus one for the bow thruster and one for the engine starter.

Big discussion yesterday about the floor (which won't be going in for ages yet). We have decided on red oak for the lounge/dinette and tiles for rest of boat ...... well, we have to consider Foxxie Dog too!!! Didn't want any carpet anywhere (think dog hairs).

well, that's the update - all work still on target. See you next week !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Windows and walls fitted

Not having seen Jandai for over a week, we went to the boatyard Nov 9 and whilst we were on holiday the windows have been fitted - clamp on black windows at front and portholes at back. We are delighted with them.

Also John and Mick fitted interior walls - it's starting to look good !!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

do you like the step?

first fix wiring in

ceiling up - v-groove birch ply to give effect of tongue & groove ... painted jasmine white
chimney collar in

state of the art step fitted

Not seen her for a week as have been holidaying in Blairmore, Scotland in a converted steam boat ticket office! .... no longer needed for original use! Weather wonderful; walking great; spotted one of our nuclear submarines going home; caught my first starfish ..... but thats all despite fishing everyday!