Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Day Almost Here !!!

opphs - I know, I am not keeping this blog up-to-date. Life is just so hectic right now.

April 1 is the Big Day !! The day we get possession of our new narrowboat! Only 2 more days to go! Yesterday we took her out for first time so we could see how she handles - and although we were only out about an hour, it was a dream!

John and Mick have last finishings-off to do. I collect the upholstry and curtains on Tuesday. We have been spending money like water these last few weeks, to equip her and think we only now have to get potato peeler, scissors, loo brush and slippers for Dai, oh and a new bed for Foxxie Dog, oh and a clock, oh - I bet we will have forgotten something else! Sorted out insurance yesterday, John getting the license. We plan to go out for our first weekend next Sat and Sun and then going out Good Friday for 10 days! Thinking of doing the Black Country Ring. And we have booked a mooring at Mercia Marina at Willington (Derbyshire) from May 1.

We saw her fully painted for first time yesterday and she looks brilliant. Black, grey and red - just signwriting and a red Welsh dragon being painted on each side between the portholes tomorrow/Tuesday. We are just so excited and now the time is almost here, it doesn't seem like 6 months since we signed the contract to have her built and fitted out.

John and Mick of Kingfisher Narrowboats have kept totally to target and encouraged us to visit every week which we have been able to do as we only live about 10 miles from Trent Lock.

Here's some more pictures and my next posting will see us as owners of Jandai !!!! I promise I will post later this coming week !!!