Friday, January 16, 2009

A Lot Has Happened !

Haven't updated since Nov with one thing or another (nothing to do with the narrowboat I hasten to add). Just busy at work, then Christmas/New Year and we spent a week in Scotland which was lovely .... then busy back at work! So, lots of progress as you'll see from the pictures. We are still delighted with our builders John and Mick and haven't had even a minor falling out ..... yet! Don't think we will as we seem to reach agreements/compromises quite easily. We have been going to the boatyard every Friday evening (well, Dai has, I have to miss some weeks because of work) and are made very welcome to see latest progress. All work is still on target. Major decision last week was paint colours and design - we have gone for black with a mid-grey panels (x 3 each side) and a bright red coachline. Roof will be grey.
So, where are we at? All electrics, plumbing and all those technie things in, so they have now started on the "furniture" fitting. Shower and loo in (we made decision early not to have a sink in bathroom - design is walk thru, next to kitchen. So we decided to use the space a sink would take with storage/freezer in bathroom - will just have to use the kitchen sink instead!). Radiators in, various cupboards in bedroom and bathroom in various stages of completion, floor down in bathroom. Kitchen fit started. I know all those "behind the scenes" technical stuff is very important but I can't get too excited about that - leave that part to Dai ! I am much more interested in the "furniture", flooring, curtains, upholstry, lighting, table etc etc !

So, here's an update in photos and I'll try not to leave next update quite so long next time!