Thursday, October 23, 2008

progress !

Jandai is now

- ballasted

- plywood floor down

- fetching plastic windows with jazzy orange waterproof tape!

- 3 of the 4 mushrooms on

- sides batterned

- sprayfoamed

- wiring started

all going to plan!

Granny Buttons gave us a mention as a new blog!

Monday, October 6, 2008

pictures of Jandai hull and first time in water !!

Our hull was built by Piper and was transported down to our builders where it went into the water on Monday 29 Sept. Due to access problems, the hull was craned off at a nearby boat yard and then we had to sail it down to its home for the next 6 months or so while it is fitted out. Ok, so these pictures are like any other pictures of a narrowboat shell but it's ours and we want to keep the record of its build on here ! Engine is in of course and also the bow thruster.

will she or won't she stay steady??!!

Yes, of course she did !

Gently does it !! opphs ..... with no ballast and a gentle wind !

safe "at home" ---- will be moved into dry dock next.

Ballast, floor and sprayfoaming here we come .................................

Went to look at our first marina on Saturday 1st Oct ..... Mercia Marina at Willington near Derby on the T & M. It only opened last month and there is still lots of work to do but the first boats are there. Am sure it will be a lovely marina when finished - lots of berths still available as it's for 500+ boats and, of course, we don't want a marina until sometime after Easter 2009. We wanted to start looking though .... to get a feel. Our home is near Nottingham so ideally we want a marina (until we retire) as near to home as possible - but somewhere that won't be too affected by flooding. I think in the end, it'll be more of a case of where we can find a mooring rather than having a long list to choose from!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Dream is Real !!

For many years Dai has had a dream for retirement ..... to live on a narrowboat and continuously cruise. This is one of the first things he told me when we met 4 years ago .... I now share that dream and we have made the first step!
After visiting many boatbuilders we signed a contract with Kingfisher Narrowboats Ltd who are based at Trent Lock, Nottingham. They are a two-man team (brothers). Why did we choose them in the end? Three main reasons in no particular order :-

1) the quality of the fit-out
2) their location (only about 30 mins drive from our home)
3) we liked them !

It's a 57' extended trad .... shell has been built by Piper. Transported down to Nottingham last week and put in the water on Mon 29 Sept. We then had about a mile to cruise to Kingfishers which was just great ! ..... the boat is no longer just pieces of paper but a real-life see-me, touch-me home-of-the-future !!! Oh - and we going to name it "Jandai".