Friday, May 1, 2009

First Holiday !

                                                                   home for the evening
                                                   after a hard day on the locks!
                                                Yes, Cap't Dai scratched it on first holiday !

                                                         Hard work this guarding the boat !

So, we had our first holiday on Jandai over the Easter Week - 10 days!    Fantastic!   Is it Retirement Day yet??

Set out Thurs April 9 after work and arrived back Sunday April 19.     Travelled from Trent Lock (Long Eaton, Nottm) up T & M to Caldon Canal, to Leek Arm where it crosses over the Uttoxeter Arm and then back with a slight detour to Harecastle Tunnel to wind and moor that night by West Port Lake on outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent.

Total of 145 miles; 104 locks; 6 lift bridges

Impressions and thoughts:
  • want to retire and continuously cruise NOW !
  • Jandai is a fab narrowboat - built and fitted to excellent standard
  • only bit of journey didn't particularly like was through Stoke-on-Trent 
  • Dai loves his bow thruster
  • can't get good telly reception everywhere
  • lots of good beer on route
  • had a great evening when some of Dai's family joined us
  • Fradley is a nightmare
  • will do rest of Caldon Canal sometime - beautiful canal once in the countryside
  • Janice needs a step ladder to get into bed !
  • Foxxie needs an extra step to get up stern steps !
  • don't bother with a flat hose - had to abandon, need to get a proper one!
  • sawing wood gives you a good appetite and thirst for beer !