Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Dream is Real !!

For many years Dai has had a dream for retirement ..... to live on a narrowboat and continuously cruise. This is one of the first things he told me when we met 4 years ago .... I now share that dream and we have made the first step!
After visiting many boatbuilders we signed a contract with Kingfisher Narrowboats Ltd who are based at Trent Lock, Nottingham. They are a two-man team (brothers). Why did we choose them in the end? Three main reasons in no particular order :-

1) the quality of the fit-out
2) their location (only about 30 mins drive from our home)
3) we liked them !

It's a 57' extended trad .... shell has been built by Piper. Transported down to Nottingham last week and put in the water on Mon 29 Sept. We then had about a mile to cruise to Kingfishers which was just great ! ..... the boat is no longer just pieces of paper but a real-life see-me, touch-me home-of-the-future !!! Oh - and we going to name it "Jandai".

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  1. Hi Janice,

    I am THAT slow.... my partner had to explain the name JanDai to me.... didn't even got it till a couple of days ago.... haha