Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anyone for a Baked Potato?

Lunch!   2 hours in the ashpan is all it takes.

This week we have done …  to end of  Shroppie at Autherley Junction and turned left onto Staffs and Worcs canal going north to Cross Green and currently at Gailey.

Jack Frost starting to visit us now but not lasting long as we have had some gloriously sunny day times (except for today - we woke up to rain and it’s not stopped all day).   I even sat outside on a tree stump yesterday reading my book for an hour or so, until the sun sank behind some trees.  

I caught the bus into Wolverhampton while we were at Brewood - only a 25 minute ride.    Dai stayed at home as he used to live in Wolverhampton and didn’t wish to rediscover these “bright lights“.    Actually the town centre is like a million others with same stores in a massive indoor shopping centre.   I enjoyed poddling around and at least without Dai, I could window shop and wander at leisure.    Bought a replacement telephoto lens (don’t know how or why the original just stopped working).     Also some long hiking socks as I realised I only had short “summer” socks that I couldn’t tuck my jeans into when on the often now muddy towpaths!   Socks are easier to wash/dry than jeans any day.    Must admit though, one day in a busy city is enough to last me some weeks ….. I was very happy to get back to the towpath!

Been thinking about how we’re going to decorate the boat for Christmas and while in Wolverhampton picked up a few bits-and-bods including some different coloured LED lights - obviously I’ll post pictures when we’re all Christmassy!!     Going to also look out for some holly and fir cones to make a Christmas wreath we can fix to front outside somehow.

rather suspect this Christmas Tree been there for a number of years
Since last blog we have done …  13 miles and 1 lock
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 865 miles and  836 locks

Glad we went under it (2x in one day) instead of on it !

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