Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, where oh where are the peanuts?

------ someone/thing was obviously VERY hungry as they weren’t content with just a nibble at the peanuts, they took the holder too!   Left the fatballs behind - now how strange is that?    So the poor old birds where we are now only have fatballs until we reach a shop to replace the peanut holder.

Funny old weather this last week - sun, cloud, rain, drizzle, wind and hail storms ---- perhaps next week will see something better!

Much boatie chaos at Wheaton Aston ---- boats, boats, boats everywhere.    There are 4 water points by the services there and boat moored overnights at all of them and at two of them boats were double breasted.    And we thought it was naughty at Gnosall the week before!

First sighting of (no, not ducklings!) grass cutters on Monday.    Yes, the towpaths do have to be kept neat and tidy (ha ha) but I wish they wouldn’t turn up when it’s wet.   Clumps of cut grass inside the boat are such a nuisance !   And you have to brush the side of the boat after the cutting or else it just sticks there.   Last year we had one set of grass cutters who came afterwards and brushed down the boat!    Only happened the once though!

Today we are moored between bridges 5 and 6 about 3 miles from Brewood (pronounced Brood so we are told) in the middle of nowhere.   When we move again we will be off the Shropshire Union canal and probably turning right to go down to Stour port (although the Captain may well yet change his mind and we’ll go up the Wolverhampton Flight, who knows?).

Since last blog we have done … 6 miles and  1 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1712 miles and  1324 locks 

lots of fields of golden rape now

oh no, wet grass cuttings everywhere now

how many boats need water today?
Glad we didn't !
Boatie chaos at Wheaton Aston

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