Friday, May 4, 2012

Glyn to the rescue

You’ve heard of Postman Pat ---- well, what about Coalman Glyn?    Last time we bought some coal we thought “plenty now to see us through”.    Oh no!!   We are down to one spare bag and nowhere to get some until next Tuesday and they’ve forecast overnight frosts for the weekend!    We are moored at Kinver and Dai’s brother is planning to visit us over the weekend so we’ve begged him to get a couple of bags of coal for us on his way.    Surely, oh surely, that will now last us until Spring decides to arrive?

Sorry blog is 2 days late ---- I travelled (via bus, 3 trains and a tram and then the same in reverse) back to Hucknall - my home town - on Tuesday and didn’t get back until last night.   No, the journey didn’t take that long, it’s so I could see my daughter who has returned from 6 months in Thailand !    It was SO good to see her and get big hugs in the flesh- Skype is good but its not flesh!!    Amy is planning to return to Thailand in September to carry on teaching English out there.    This time her boyfriend Andy is going with her who will also be teaching English.   At same time of course, it was lovely to see my mum, brother and his family who all live in Hucknall.

Since seeing our first ducklings last week, we haven’t seen any since.    Is anyone else noticing this - a real shortage this year ----- or maybe its just on the Staffs & Worcs canal.   Thinking of that, we haven’t seen hardly any kingfishers this year either although did spy one last week - see if you can also see it in the photo below!!     However, we do see loads of buzzards everywhere and the other day we saw the third type of woodpecker so have now clocked up all three in the last couple of months.

Here at Kinver the Vine pub by Kinver lock has been closed apparently since Christmas.   We have now heard 2 different tales of why it is closed ---- probably the truth is a third tale!    Surprised someone hasn’t picked it up quick as it must be a goldmine during the summer months - it has been packed every time we have passed by before.

Our plan is now to go down to Stourport in the hope that the river lock onto the Severn will be open ---- not looking that likely for a while yet as, although it hasn’t yet today, its rained either all day or off/on each day for the past week still.    If not, then we’ll just turn around and rethink the Plan!!

Since last blog we have done … 6 miles and  4 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1728 miles and  1343 locks  

Now all together "we are the Ovaltinees ....."

Rocky Lock - so named, we assumed, by the rocky steps
or --- because it is in a cutting through sandstone?
Probably both!

beauty, surprisingly not too deep
into the foliage for a change!

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  1. i was told this weekend that about 4 years ago the brewery tried to get planning for blocks of flats which was turned down. perhaps they have been successful now. skpt