Wednesday, January 9, 2013

God Bless our Livers and Them Who Stole our Cake

…. They had more work to do this last week than for the whole of 2012 I think!!   And two ladies who took off with the remainder of the cake I had baked ---- you know who you are!

We have had some extremely good nights this last week with boatie friends Martine & Phillipa and then Fred and Lisa.   Well, we were late celebrating the New Year with friends but boy, have we now made up for it !!!   Off the pop now for ever!!  (One late New Year resolution that won’t last very long me thinks!).

So we spent a few days at Alvechurch and then came back up to Birmingham where we are now moored behind Fred & Lisa on NB Chyandour.   We’re all going to stay here for a day or so --- are waiting for some weightlifting equipment to be delivered to Argos.   Why?   Well, we have never seen a “Gym Boat” and think it could be a winner - how much would you pay for a canalside session?

Of course, Dai has done his loitering in the Bullring Meat Market and we got some fruit so today has been jam-making.   As we didn’t see any damsons on our travels last autumn, we have decided to go for some different flavours so today it was pineapple & kiwi fruit.   While we can pick up really cheap fruit in the Market, then it’s a good time to restock the jam cupboard don’t you think.   Might do some mango chutney as well.

Noticed for first time tonight that daylight is getting a bit longer - or maybe its just that there are no nasty rain clouds above?   Weather is forecast to drop quite a bit from tonight.   It’s been so mild just lately - in fact, last night it was 29 degrees inside and I had to threaten Dai that I’d have to do a streak down the towpath if he didn’t damp the fire down a bit - yes, that certainly did it!!

Since last blog we have done … 15 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 2130 miles and  1768 locks  

kissie, kissie
Jandai and Chyandour
part of new lock gate being fitted on
Farmers Bridge which has some carved poetry.
Sorry you can't really read it very well and
Dai forgot to make a note of the words!
I'll have to go and read it myself and let
you know next week
same lock gate
guess what!
action picture - so fast I had to warn towpath
walkers to beware!
now I got it in position,
Let's see what can be done with it!


  1. Got the weightlifting gear,need some medicine balls now.Any chance Dai making a vaulting horse?

  2. cause he can. We don't need balance beams cos they can walk down the handrails ....