Friday, February 22, 2013


A huge Thank You to everyone…. For your comments on my last blog entry, for your emails, texts, phone calls, visits  … you have all been so so supportive to me since Dai died.

An extra Big Thank You to Fred & Lisa; to Paul & Kait; to Archie & Jackie; to Jan & Chris and last but by no means least - Mick & John.   You have all helped me move Jandai back to where it all began at Kingfisher Narrowboats at Trent Lock in Long Eaton.
And thanks too to CART who have been so understanding when I have had to overstay on moorings on my trip back.

I feel so honoured to have family and so many friends who care.

So, yes, this afternoon we arrived back at Trent Lock where Mick & John, the lads at Kingfisher Narrowboats,  have found me a safe and secure mooring.

I am flying off to Thailand on Feb 28 for 2 months to be with my daughter Amy and her fiance Andy who live and work there.    I am hoping to find some peace and get my head in some sort of order to make some decisions about what happens next.    Foxxie is having her holiday with my mum.



  1. So glad you are safe and sound at Kingfishers. I know the lads will look after you and the boat. We are still at Langley Mill and if you feel up to a visit we would love to come down to see you before you leave for Thailand. We are also available if you need a lift anywhere. Just let us know.

    Irene & Ian

  2. I am so glad you are going to spend time with your family. I am sure you will find peace there and time to reflect on life.

    Your friends and family have been wonderful and you have been like a rock too.. The boat is safe now you go and relax..

  3. We hope you find peace and tranquility during your trip overseas. Nothing can ever make your heartache dissapear but as time goes by you will look back on all the excellent times you shared together and eventually you will find that you have more smiles than tears.
    All our love, Kevin xx & Harry xx

  4. Les and I hope your trip to Thailand to visit family will ease your heartache a little. With the boat safely moored up at Kingfisher you can focus on whatever you need to now. Here is a thought for Dai: Because my ship has sailed from sight it does not mean my journey ends; it only means the river bends. May his sweet spirit continue on in peace and joy wherever that may be, and may your spirit have rest and peace as well.
    NB Valerie

  5. Jan We wish you all the very best in Thailand.Sorry to have missed you and hope that you are able to enjoy your time with Amy and make some decisions for the future. Keep in touch.We will sorely miss Dia for guidance next year but will always treasure the day we visited you in Gargrave. Hope to meet up again . X

  6. Janice, so so sorry to hear your very sad news. I only found out today...
    I hope you have a relaxing time in Thailand with your Daughter.
    Pleased you are still going to blog as you once commented on mine that I made you giggle, and your writing has often made me do the same!! Take care Debbie x