Friday, March 5, 2010

harder than going to work !

Well, Dai retired from work after 35 yrs at same company last Friday.    I have been on "garden leave" since mid Jan and officially retire on April 4.    Big Day getting nearer!!   We are now in the midst of freshening up some rooms at home with paint as the house is now up for sale.
I had my "retirement dinner" last week in a hotel near Ascot as my boss and some of my international colleagues were over in the UK for meetings.   It was a lovely evening.    I was given a DVD of "farewells" from some of the people in my department; a barometer and clock on a plaque (going to be pride of place in Jandai"s saloon; an e-reader; champagne, flowers, a book of photos and vouchers for Loch Fyne.
Fantastic leaving presents.
Dai was given a nice big cheque from his company and a collection from his workmates.
We are now planning to move permanentlyl onto the boat by March 31 - more countdown!!
Aw well, back to the painting!!

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  1. Hi, how lovely for you both, congrats. Good luck with your house sale. Keep the blogs coming so we know how you are getting on!
    Take care. Debbie