Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice-y Weekend !

When we got to the Marina Fri night - no ice!    First time for weeks, as we haven't been out since weekend of  Dec 5-6 !    Set off Sat morning just for usual weekend trip from Willington to Alrewas on T & M.    Once out on canal, not long before we were ice breaking!    Not much, not thick but crunching through nevertheless here and there - first time for both of us!    Winded at Alrewas and moored up for night.    Just happy to back actually moving!
Woke up Sun morning to see a layer of snow on top of the ice - ok, not so much snow as white over.   Ohmigod - would we get back to the Marina ?     Doesn't matter for me as I am on "garden leave"  but Dai still has to actually go to work for the next 4 weeks.    Fortified with Big Brekkie of eggs, bacon, black pudding and toast - off we cast!     Oh, and then it started to snow too!!    Proper snow!!   
After about 5 hours of crunching through ice - yes, we were back at our home mooring (and the snow petered out after about a hour)
I know everyone else has done ice breaking millions of times but as it was our first time, here's a couple of photos.

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