Saturday, January 30, 2010

we're now on "countdown" !!

Both Dai and I are now in countdown to finishing work!!    We have both given in our notice to take early retirement.   I finish on April 4 and Dai on Feb 28.    Now deciding which estate agent to sell our house and thinking about how we are going to empty the house!
We have come out this weekend - first break out of the Marina since Dec 6.    We were frozen in all over Christmas & New Year so spent the 10 days on Jandai in the Marina.   Yes we kept very warm thank you!   Went for walks; read; watched telly; talked and I started knitting socks!    That is when we made final decision to take early retirement and go for our new life of continuous crusing!
Dai has worked at same company for 35 years and me for 20 years.   Dai is physically done in and I am mentally done in !!
So .... next stage starts!!   Wish us luck and hopefully we will be "living the dream" sometime around Easter!
cheers, Janice


  1. Gosh it won't be long now then!

    Now that brings back memories, emptying the house.. trying to get the contents of those into a narrowboat is almost impossible!

    I had a lot of heartaches doing that, so much junk over 20 odd years in that house.. but everybit of that junk had a story..

    You gonna have to be very tough!!

    Good luck to you both.


  2. Best wishes, hope to be following your lead in the not too distant future !

  3. Hi Janice and Dai, bet you can't wait! Just be ruthless when clearing out your house. Keeping sentimental things is a must, I have a box in my Mums loft of those! Other than that I was hard on myself where other things were concerned. If you take things to your boat that you don't use in the first couple of months or so, get rid, it just takes up valuble space! Like me I am sure you will feel your clear out is quite liberating, Good Luck!


  4. I already miss you, cheeky Janice. Life within Q will never be the same...
    Enjoy and i will keep visiting your blog!