Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010

you remember we were going to go off for the holidays between Christmas and New Year?    Didn't happen!    Yes, we went down to Jandai on Boxing Day BUT she was iced in at Mercia Marina.    We'll be able to get out tomorrow - or so we thought!    We could have gone out on the Wednesday because the ice had melted a bit BUT we wimped out cos the forecast was not good temperature wise.   Yes, we could get out BUT would we be able to get back in?    We were starting back at work on Jan 4.   

So, in the end, we spent 8 days on Jandai in the Marina.    We went for walks in the morning and in the afternoons chilled out onboard.   Chilled out in the relax sense cos we were definitely not cold!   Woodburner in day and night burning a mixture of wood and coal.   

No more time off work now until Easter.   We are planning to go to Jandai every other weekend - sometimes going out, sometimes staying the Marina - depends very much on the weather!!

Stay warm and safe everyone!

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