Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cootie? Moorchick? Nestlings ?

Only baby we have not yet seen is a cygnet - we spotted ducklings and goslings; also baby coots and moorhens. What is a baby coot and moorhen called? I’ve googled it but without any success other than cootie or nestling (which both sound nice but I’m not altogether sure is right !) or plain old “chick”. Anyone know? Oh, and Dai caught 6 baby perch yesterday (perchlings???) which all went back into the canal as not big enough for the pot.

Been a week of locks ! Done more locks and fewer miles this week than any other - going down. What will it be like going up? Well, darn hard work !! One thing we have noticed since being on the Grand Union since about Leighton Buzzard is that more times than not, lock gates are left open which is fine when its right for you but even more work if it’s not. However, its difficult to get out of the habit of closing all lock gates when we leave and I shall continue to do so !

Today we are moored just through Uxbridge. We have slowed down as we want to moor in Paddington Basin for a few days but the IWA have had reserved moorings there for 2 weeks because of a Boat Festival at Camden Lock - the reservations finish on Friday so we are hoping to get a spot on Saturday.

Where’s the sun gone? Been pretty cold this week (I know that cos fleece, long jeans, socks and boots back on and even hat and gloves in the morning) with drizzle and wind and rain and even hail last Monday - but then I realised it was a Bank Holiday so no big surprise there then!

Since last blog we have done 29 miles and 52 locks. This makes total since Setting Off ….. 259 miles and 201 locks.

how many points?
is it full yet?   Is it ?

end of current restoration on Wendover Arm

Glad we didn't meet this one round a bend !

are we in China?   Otherwise known as Uxbridge

so what else could we do but try a pint (or two) at The Horse & Barge, South Harefield

Fenny Stratford Lock 85 - first time I've come across a swingbridge right in middle of the lock !

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  1. I like the Elderly Duck Crossing sign. That's gotta be at least 7 points.... No more though, because they're slow.

    Amy xx