Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ditchcrawling !!

…. on the Wendover Arm of GU !   Last Saturday we went down the Wendover Arm to the end of current restoration and back again (approx 1.5 miles and no locks).   Very shallow in parts and the water was so clear you could see to the bottom with all the gi-normous carp living down there!  

Then, on Monday we went down the Aylesbury Arm and stopped in the Basin at the end for 2 nights.    Very peaceful, rural canal and narrow so locks a bit easier even though the Arm is only 6 miles long, in that length there are 16 locks.   Got supplies as Morrisons only about 5 min walk away from the Basin and lots of shops in the town including Wilkos where we needed to buy boring things like firelighters, paintbrushes, new outdoor brush-head, etc.   Also picked up a heap of  books from various charity shops.

Good to be back in the countryside after last week’s travels to London - birdsong and wildlife; trees, grass and wildflowers.     And it seems to be warming up - several nights this week we haven’t had to have a fire in the evenings.    I could have spit today though - 12 locks in total sunshine and then it clouded over when we moored - I was looking forward to an afternoon of sitting in the sun with a bottle of wine.    Instead had to put my cardy on (but still had a glass of the old vino tinto!!) while Dai did some fishing.    Still only tiddlers but it keeps him entertained for hours!

Since last blog we have done 30 miles and  67 locks. This makes total since Setting Off ….. 337 miles and  281 locks.

                                                              Welcome to Berkhamsted

..... and then my internet connection just wasn't strong enough to upload any more today !

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