Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Donkey Romping

This week we have done … rest of Middlewich Arm to Middlewich then turned south onto Trent and Mersey through Wheelock, Hassall Green and now moored at Rode Heath.

Yes, afraid so -- cloud, drizzle, rain and some sun except for Sun and Mon when we had 2 lovely days of hot sunshine.

Some “funny” pubs visited this last week: Middlewich had loads but all not really to our taste but we did sample a couple including The Boars Head which was a Victorian building with many cavenous rooms. Wheelock boasts 3 pubs and it’s a very small place - the strangest was The Commercial Hotel and I haven’t really got words to describe it except that in a funny sort of way it was quite quaint - a “homely” sort of place which was friendly enough but seen better days. The Cheshire Cheese - again - small, friendly and a decent pint. Goodness only knows how 3 pubs survive here as there was hardly anyone in them on a Saturday night !

Then there was The Romping Donkey, complete with ferrets in a cage in the garden - I kid you not ! We did have a meal there which was well worth the one hour wait (they did warn us a delay of 20 minutes). Okay, so it was only standard pub grub but obviously all homemade. Strange that The Romping Donkey was busy and this was a Monday night.

Today we made more jam - blackberry this time - after being scratched and nettled to death and, yes, there was some left over to do some blackberry vodka …. I’ll let you know later how successful flavouring the spirit was - if I remember !

Dai has found a new entertainment - chucking grass cuttings to the swans ….. Well, they love it and it saves at least some from being trampled through the boat. Foxxie not so sure though ---- whenever we feed the wildlife with bread or leftovers, then she has to start creating that she wants it even if she didn’t before. Its amazing how much stale bread she will eat if she thinks the ducks are getting it instead !

Since last blog we have done … 16 miles and 21 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 624 miles and 682 locks.

the cauldron a-hubbling and a-bubbling again - blackberry jam today !

playing footie

watch it Dai - you'll do yourself an injury !

water and beer needed after all that exercise !!!

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