Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This week we have done … Coole Pilate to Nantwich on the Shroppie; turn down the Middlewich Arm and now moored just after Minshull Lock near Bridge 8.

Weather report now getting boring ! More of the same - cloud, drizzle, rain and some sun

Well, we beat last week’s mileage by 9 miles and worked 2 more locks ! Today we debated whether or not to turn down the Llangollen Canal or the Middlewich Arm to the Mac and Peak Forest. In some ways it made most sense to do the Llangollen as we were passing. However, this canal is so busy during the summer school holidays ---- and to make matters worse this year, a lot of the hire boat companies have decamped to the Llangollen from the Leeds/Liverpool Canal which closed beginning of Aug due to lack of water. So we going through to the Peak Forest and then maybe turn round and come back to the Llangollen when it quietens down a bit in Autumn.

Main port of call this last week has been Nantwich - quite a bussling (don’t know how else to spell that but it doesn’t look right does it?) market town - many shops including Morrisons and Aldi and a market Tues, Thurs and Sat most of which is indoors. Lots of pubs and restaurants - one of which (The Red Melon) where we celebrated our “Day of Meeting” which was 6 years ago. We always have to have a curry cos that’s what we did on our first date and the Red Melon didn‘t let us down !

I had to travel back to Nottingham last weekend to go to my nephew Richard’s wedding to Rebecca. Caught the train from Nantwich to Crewe to Derby to Nottingham and stayed 2 nights at Mand and Shaunies. It was a lovely wedding and great to spend some time with Amy, my mum, Mand, Shaunie, Samuel and Millie. Got back to the boat Sunday teatime.

Today was Jam Making Day! We picked some wild damsons and made 6 jars of jam which set beautifully and taste yum ! Dai put his fishing skills to very good use by getting out all the stones as it was a-hubbling-and-a-bubbling! The left over damsons went into a crumble. It’s really strange that in some places we see ripe juicy blackberries and only a few yards further on they are just hard green berries. Will be doing some blackberry jam, blackberry pie, blackberry crumble and blackberry vinegar and/or cordial - wonder what blackberry vodka tastes like ?

Since last blog we have done … 11 miles and 4 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 608 miles and 661 locks.

Mand, Ma, Shaunie, Millie and Samuel at the wedding

     me with my two brothers - Bill and Shaun - at the wedding.                                                                      Do you like the top I crocheted?

My darling daughter Amy and me at the wedding

when the swan comes a-knocking, it means breakfast time!

OK, let's go to Middlewich then

Er .... what's this?    Blue sky spotted first time for over a month!


  1. It's - BUSTLING!

    ........ I think :)

    Amy xx

  2. Hi Janice,
    I LOVE AMY'S HAIR!!!! :-)
    News travels fast; yes I am leaving with mixed feelings. But looking forward to the future. :-) I just hope I can put some "Janice"-manager-skills in practice....