Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Childbirth ?!


We have moved!!   Six miles northwards to next village on the Shropshire Union Canal - Gnosall.     All the freezing cold and ice is now forgotten - like I said to Dai  “it’s like childbirth - awful at the time but once its over, then the pain and suffering is forgotten and you only focus on the good bits.”

So, different shops, pubs and towpath - it,s just great.    We didn’t sign up for staying in one place for almost 7 weeks.    Okay, so we knew we might be and without doubt it will happen again but for now, we are just happy to be ice-free and able to meander once again.

Sorry no photos again this week but now I will dust off the camera and get clicking again.

Talked to some workmen today who are taking down some towpath trees for BW (we know its sad to have to do this but needs must - have to keep the canal and towpath clear).   They told us where they’d left them so we will pick some up when we leave here tomorrow - provided no-one else has beat us to it.   They’re oak too so excellent for our fire.    We’ve been really lucky during these last 7 weeks as Dai has found enough fallen stuff  to keep us going mixed in with coal.

Just heard from my friend Ethan who lives near Boston in the USA - he sent me a photo of his garden during a blizzard happening right now - makes our snowfall look so paltry.    Keep warm and safe Ethan and Nancy - and provided we have good internet access on Sunday will be talking on Skype.

Since last blog we have done …  5 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 881 miles and  848 locks


  1. I am sure you are glad to be moving hope you dont get stuck again soon, dad might go mad

  2. yeah - he got Cabin Fever !!