Wednesday, January 5, 2011

different day - same ice

Guess where we are right now??

Yep, you got it - still at Wheaton Aston !!    The canal is thawed around us now but apparently still bad at Norbury and as this is only 7.5 miles away there seems little point in moving until we know we can go somewhere.    

So, nothing much to tell you ---- had a quiet New Year, just us and the ducks.    The pub was charging £5 to get in so we didn’t bother.    We are hoping that 2011 won’t be so momentus for us as 2010 !    Three major life events (1) retiring from work  (2) living on Jandai, and (3) selling the house.

Dai has just about perfected his duck mating call, I’m still working on it.   Had my usual weekly trip to Stafford and got some more robust bird feeders - so far, squirrel-proof although Mr. Cyril does provide us with some entertainment hanging this way and that on the feeders, preferring the fat balls.

Glyn and Linda came to visit us and have lunch on Monday - great to see them.

We’ve had a couple of sessions in the pub this week with our boatie friends -  its all good beer, good food and good company.    Still doing almost daily water and wood gathering runs; checking the local Spar for any decent reduced bargains and eating loads of freerange eggs from the farm we can see from Jandai.

Been raining most of today but we did have a quick glimpse of some blue sky!

Hardly any boat movement this week - just a couple of boats but they hadn't come far.   One from Norbury Junction who told us he had been ice-breaking up at Norbury.     Red diesel at the local garage here which is literally opposite us went up yesterday to 68.9p/litre which is still probably the cheapest on the canal system.  Since we got here we have watched it creeping up - it was 58.9p/litre then.   His "normal" diesel is 133p/litre.

Managed to get my Nintendo DS Brain Age down to 45 - see, the brain hasn't gone totally to mush since retirement !  

…… and in the best spirit of blog writing ----- Happy New Year to all our Readers  !!!

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 876 miles and  848 locks

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