Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naughty Mr Cyril

Still at Wheaton Aston pointing north.    Nothing moving yet because of ice still ---- starting to thaw now but guessing it’ll take until at least the weekend before its gone enough and that’s only if we don’t get any more freezing temperatures.    Feeling positively barmy today and last night we got soooo hot inside the boat that we had to open the outside door for a bit of draught!!    Crazy eh.

Had pheasant for Christmas dinner which was delicious and made a change from the old turkey!

I’ve been on bird watch - we hung up some fat balls, peanuts and seeds on the tree branches outside the boat and been entertained by antics of blue tits, long tailed tits and one robin in the main.     Mr Cyril very naughty though as he has now wrecked the peanut hanger for 2nd time after I had spent ages one night mending it with pink cotton and we think it was him who kept hanging on the seed hanger which has now also broken.   Although I did spot some moorhens up in the tree and a couple of fat pigeons have been waddling about.     When I go into Stafford again (hoo wee, my weekly day trip out !!) I’ll get some stronger hangers - not having a squirrel beat me !!   (wonder how many other people have said that)

Amy bought us a Nitendo DS for Christmas - all I can say is that my brain age is slightly better than Dai’s !!    

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 876 miles and  848 locks

these wintry scenes took the other day just before the thaw started

Dai having to pick out ice balls from between Foxxie's toes

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