Wednesday, December 1, 2010

squatters build igloos on the cut

---- well, we are expecting them any time now!!    ice, ice and more ice !!

This week we have done …   Cross Green then turned at Autherley Junction onto the Shropshire Union and now moored at Wheaton Aston pointing north.

We got to Wheaton Aston last Thursday and can’t move because of the ice.   We are not actually iced in ourselves but a few yards going north, then the canal is frozen over once  you get out of the cutting onto the embankment.    We are ok.    Water point has kept open and flowing as we have (or rather someone has) fastened a short piece of hose and keeping the water on during evening/night.    Elsan open although the water has frozen to it off and on but we can empty the loo and then flush with water from the tap outside.   We have diesel and coal right opposite where we are over the bridge where there is also the pub “Hartley Arms”.    There is a Spar in the village and another newsagent type shop ---- so, to be honest, we have everything we need.

I caught a bus yesterday into Stafford and, as well as a wander round, filled my wheelie bag with stuff from the Sainsburys across the road from the bus-stop.

Keeping warm inside Jandai with the fire full whack ---- but we haven’t had to turn the central heating on as well  ---- I dread to think how cold it will have to be for us to need central heating on as well as the fire !

Not much snowfall here - today about an inch on the ground.   We have only had snow flurries off and on for last few days.

Hope everyone reading this blog is warm and safe ----- roll on summer!

Since last blog we have done …  11 miles and 2 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 887 miles and  850 locks

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