Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peck-Athon and Ash Patrol

beautiful winter wonderland
This week we have done …   nothing !!    Still at Wheaton Aston pointing north.

Thing is - ice, ice and more ice !!    Where we are, the canal hasn’t frozen but a few yards either way, then it is solid.   Some days we get icebergs floating by where it has started to thaw further up but then, it all freezes solid again.    We are on ash patrol every day - emptying ash onto the towpath and around the water point as otherwise it gets lethal to try and walk on.   We still have water running most days - just a couple when some dimwit has turned the water off despite a big notice on it saying “please leave water dribbling so that it doesn’t freeze up”.

Have you ever heard the noise of 99 ducks all pecking at the boat at same time??   Well, I can tell you that it’s horrendous!     They started last night about 9 pm and were still at it when we went to bed about 11 pm.    We know they are pecking at the weed growth just below the water line but why oh why did they start in the evening?   We were expecting to see a big sign in duck muck on towpath this morning ----- please turn around so we can clean the other side.    No way !!

Somehow don’t think we are going to be moving this week either.   Apparently there’s going to be a thaw over this weekend and then it’ll start freezing again.    We know from other blogs that the ice is as thick as 5 inches about 5 miles northwards - it’ll take more than a couple of “warmer” days to make that much disappear.    We are warm enough, can get water, food, drink, coal, diesel, gas easily so if we have to stay here then no problem.     Of course we are now more than 14 days on a 48 hour mooring but apparently British Waterways have suspended the time limits in one place while the Big Freeze is on.

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 876 miles and  848 locks

please form an orderly queue to sign up for the Peck-Athon
in flower already??   Naw - hoar frost outside Jandai


  1. What is Naw Haw frost?

    Amy xx

  2. similar to "naw, its a bit hot out there today" !! Jampot