Wednesday, December 15, 2010

meat trek

This week we have done …   nothing !!    Yep, nothing again.   Still at Wheaton Aston pointing north.    We are resigned to the fact that we’ll be here for another couple of weeks.   The ice is gone but starting tomorrow the plunging temperatures, ice and snow is due back.     So, we’re better off staying put.

So, what are we doing ??    Well, there’s the water fill-up run every day; loo emptying run about every 3 days.   We walk every day ---- up and down the towpath!     Most days we walk to the shops (ha ha, shops, all 3 of them!!) just to see if any reduced bargains in Spar!      I crochet, read, listen to radio, do crosswords.   Dai reads and does sudoki.    We watch telly in evenings and occasionally go to the pub.    Dai cooks and I bake.     Fire mending takes a remarkable time up for Dai and washing up for me!!      About every 3rd day we look like a Chinese laundry inside the boat with clothes drying ………….. And I just don’t know where the time is going to !!     Mind you, I don’t like having to put lights on earlier and earlier in the evenings.     

We changed all our light bulbs to LED this weekend - some warm white and some cool white.    Ordered them off internet and delivered to the Post Office in the village the very next day.     They are so much better for battery consumption - a fraction of the power it took before with the halogen lights.

Holly run done this week down in the woods, so I have been able to construct a holly wreath which is now hanging on the front of Jandai (as you can see in photo above) - I am really rather chuffed with it as they were selling in the village for around £15  !!!

Had surprise visitors last Sunday ---- we were doing the water run before taking Foxxie for a walk when who should shout hello from the bridge??     Glyn (Dai’s brother) and Linda who decided to pay us a visit while we were in the “ice gone but its coming back with a vengeance“ stage.    It was lovely to see them 

Today we decided on a different destination for our daily towpath walk - 3 miles up to next village - Brewood - to go to the butcher there.    A round trek of 6 miles to get some meat is nothing when you think how far some people in the world have to walk every day for water.

Since last blog we have done …  0 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 876 miles and  848 locks

last week's ice bergs floating by

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