Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So - it’s all downhill from now

….. Because Longest Day was yesterday 21 June but I’m not going to harp on about summer cos we had it in April and so that’s that ……

Not a lot to report this week if I don’t go on about the rain, drizzle, more rain, more drizzle …..

Came back up the Peak Forest Canal to Marple where - glory be - we managed to find a mooring!!    Then on to Higher Poynton where - not totally unexpected - we couldn’t find a mooring.    So on to Bollington where we spent a couple of days.   Next overnight was Gurnett Aqueduct and today we have come down the 12 Bosley Locks - rain gear on, rain gear off, rain gear on ……..

The mooring at bottom of Bosley Locks is one of my favourites so we’ll probably stay here a night or two and, who knows, it might be a lovely sunny day tomorrow!

Since last blog we have done …  12 miles and 12 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1287 miles and  1062 locks

oh dear, can't upload any photos cos internet access not good enough ---- will post when I can cos lovely photos of drained pounds in Marple Flight; my pansies, lettuce and herbs in full bloom on roof; ducks asleep on roof; ducks catching fish (yes, really, a duck catching a fish)

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