Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mint Sponge and Purple Hair

This week we left Rode Heath and went onto to Red Bull and onto the Mac, mooring today at Congleton so have done with Heartbreak Hill !!    We came up the Mac last August - love this canal as its so peaceful with lovely scenery.    We plan to turn down the Peak Forest Canal into Bugsworth Basin - another favourite place.

Lots of wind and rain/drizzle but yesterday/today the sun has been out now and again - forecast is for it to warm up over next few days with sunshine, so here’s hoping ---- our tans are now fading fast.

Amy came to visit on Sunday and stayed until late Monday - just great.    Her friend Stephen brought her in his car.    I baked a bakewell tart and chocolate mint aero sponge cake (which Amy decorated) and Dai cooked a huge Sunday roast dinner.  Lots of drinking, talking, discussing, eating throughout the two days ….. And lots of hugs for me and Amy!     You will see from the photos below that Amy has changed her hair from pink to purple ----- just as much fun but somehow more sophisticated!

Since last blog we have done …  7 miles and 10 locks
total since Setting Off ….. 1249 miles and  1038 locks

let me on .... let me on too
(unfortunately I only spotted this family when they'd gone by -
would have loved to have got a closer shot)

Amy with her work of art !  
(well, the cake is my work of art but the decorating done by Amy)

Loved this interesting garden

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  1. Hi Jan,
    The chocolate mint aero sponge cake looks fab, my partner would love it... any chance you could let me have the receipe please?