Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's a Windy Place

Still lots of wind with us, I blame it on Marston’s Merrie Monk !! ---- I said it before you Dai ---- no, seriously, still days of wild wind this last week and still carrying on today.

We have moved though ---- through Middlewich, Wheelock and tonight moored at Rode Heath.    Nothing much happened this week - called for a pint or two at The Cheshire Cheese in Wheelock and last night at The Broughton Arms in Rode Heath.      Walked into Sandbach while moored at Wheelock about a mile and half away --- town centre not highly exciting, just usual sort of thing.

Was looking forward to re-visiting The Romping Donkey at Hassell Green but it is closed down --- shame as it’s a old place but looks like gone same way as so many pubs these days.

Made choux pastry for first time ever today and have to say, very successful ----- only 4 Elephant Feet left now.    I like to bake new things now and again and had to have a bit of experimenting in readiness for my daughter’s visit this coming weekend.     Dai made pasta this week too ---- lets just say we ate it but next time needs to make it not quite so sticky so the dough can be rolled out thinner!

Done 23 locks this week but they were easy-peasy even though up what is know as “Heartbreak Hill” ---- tell you, these narrow locks are so much more enjoyable than those doubles on the Leeds & Liverpool (you see, I am still traumatised from the Wigan Flight!!)

You will see that I've -- at last! -- started a "blogs I follow" listing which I will be adding to when I have a bit more time to sort it out.

Since last blog we have done …  14 miles and 23 locks
total since Setting Off ….. 1242 miles and  1028 locks  

Right lads --- I've got the chips

--- and I've got the bread

--- so let's have the butties

--- all gone, so let's see what the next course is from the next boat

I love it ..... Dai hates it
10 facts about Marmite

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