Wednesday, May 4, 2011

pub grub that wasn't

Busy this last week - and started “hireboat” mode to get off the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, so last couple of days lots of miles and locks (for us anyway!!).

Royal Wedding - it was fab.    I had to watch it on the laptop cos no telly reception but that was okay as the BBC were streaming it live so I didn’t have to miss any of it.   Dai watched bits inbetween fishing.   

We met up with friends Fred and Lisa who were on a week’s hireboat at Salterforth.   We had booked a table for dinner at The Anchor so after a glass of wine we meandered the 50 yards or so to the pub.   It was heaving and banners/balloons everywhere for a 40th birthday.   We were met at the door by the landlady who told us that the kitchen extractors had broken down so they couldn’t do food ….. Mmmmm, right.
So we walked up into Barnaldswick which was only about a mile or so away.   First pub we saw … shut and for sale.    Second pub … for sale, but it was at least open with about 3 men at the bar …. No food.    So we had a pint while we debated what to do!      We were all starving having saved ourselves for the Anchor dinner.    Loads of Chinese takeaways, loads of pizza takeaways and then we saw Flavos - no good, we just had to eat.    Actually it tasted much better than expected and there was loads of chicken and chips and kebab for Dai and it was really cheapy cheap.     While we were in Flavos we asked where the “decent” pubs were - lots of noisy, blaring music “youngsters” places but “not really anywhere for old people” we were informed  by the two teenage girls.     We spotted the Conservative Club over the road so I went over to suss it out!!    Two young women were going in and they offered to sign us in “you’ll like it here, vodka and orange only £3.50”.    So, yes, we paid our pound each and became members for the evening.    And yes the beer was very cheap although we had to drink Tetley Mild !!    Lots of interesting people in there and a not bad singer.    We got a taxi back to our boats and after a whiskey nightcap decided that  although our plans had to change we actually had a really good night out !!

Oh and I got my Easter Egg too - thanks Fred and Lisa !!!

On Sunday after saying our goodbyes, Dai and I set off to turn onto the Bridgewater Canal.    We are moored tonight about 3 miles from start of Wigan Locks so have done Foulbridge and Gannow Tunnels; Barrowford, Burnley, Blackburn, Johnsons Locks; gone through Colne, Nelson, Burnley, Rose Grove, Hapton, Church, Rishton, Whitebrik, Blackburn, Cherry Tree, Riley Green, Wheelton, Chorley and Adlington.     I have to say that it looks like someone (presumably BW) have been out cleaning up surface rubbish from this stretch - it was noticeably less than when we came up this way beginning of April.    We did still have a couple of rollercoaster rides over god knows what in the canal which you couldn’t see - probably freezers, fridges, settees, bikes, you name it, I think it is stuck in the mud in this part of this canal.

The locks have been interesting too ….. Pounds very low in some flights and in the Blackburn flight, well, the water was flowing over the top gates like Niagara Falls and I was paddling up to my kneecaps in water round the paddles !     Just heard today that the Bank Newton lock flight passage is now restricted to between 8 am and 4 pm cos of lack of water and that the Rochdale Canal is in serious trouble.

Been quite windy this week although the sun has also been shining all day every day so can’t grumble!

Psyching myself up now for the Wigan Locks - think I need a few bottles of wine and whiskey nightcap before we tackle them tomorrow !!

Since last blog we have done …  42 miles and 22 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 1168 miles and  981 locks

Big Chimney, Little Chimney

Burnley Skyline

Race you to the next bridge .......

looking back in Gannow Tunnel

Good advertising for local shop in Church (wonder what etc is?!)
Bye Fred and Lisa - hope to see you again soon

Ummm - well, yes, no,  I didn't think Hapton was that bad

good effort Mrs Cow, but we won the race


  1. I cant help but worry about Mrs Cow, did she get out of the canal ok.

  2. ha ha ..... just to put your mind at rest - yes she did !! I'll explain more on next Wed's blog!

  3. but “not really anywhere for old people” ..... Really? They think you are old? (they don't know you then! ;-)