Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Suntan is Coming Along Nicely

Moved from Gargrave today --- up to Salterforth (just after Barnoldswick).    It was awfully chilly yesterday but the hot sunshine is back again today so can’t grumble cos we’ve had days and days of glorious weather and the suntan is back!    Makes up for those weeks during the Ice Age last winter!

Had a cracking night out in The Old Swan at Gargrave last Friday - Black Sheep bitter for Dai and Black Sheep Ale for me and great company with some locals and boaters singing and dancing.

Gargrave is a lovely village and so I’m putting some pictures on today’s blog below.  

Noticeably more boats out and about now - make the most of it if you’re on the Leeds & Liverpool and if you’re planning on coming this way, better hurray up as still  no rain and the water levels in some places are looking dicey.   After this coming weekend we are making our way off this canal onto the Trent & Mersey (via Bridgewater Canal of course).    I need to start psyching myself up for those Wigan Locks!!

Dai just been trying to get telly reception and no joy ----- he’d better sort it out for the Wedding on Friday otherwise I’ll be using a lot of boat battery to watch it on the laptop  (watching live TV on laptop definitely takes more power that the telly.)

If you’re in the UK, enjoy this long Bank Holiday Weekend and don’t forget to keep waving your flag on Friday for the marriage of our future King and his  Queen-to-be.

Since last blog we have done …  8 miles and 10 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 1126 miles and  959 locks  

there are 2 sets of stepping stones across the River Aire in Gargrave - at either end of the village

you needed to stand well back each time Foxxie had retrieved her stick out of the river!

There are now 2 tearooms in the village but was this the original (no longer serving any tea, tobacco or cigars).  Was it called "The Copper Kettle" ?? 

One of the 2 tearooms now open in Gargrave

I really liked this light on the road bridge over the River Aire

unfortunately no Roman ruins left in Gargrave now

All the bunting out in Gargrave High Street for Easter and the Royal Wedding

Passed this new steam narrowboat today "Whisper Down the Wind"  - marvelled at his Big Chimney !


  1. Hi Janice, thanks for the photos, I think the white fronted building was "The Copper kettle". I seem to remember the door in the middle of the two front windows and they had a collection of copper kitchen ware on the window sills.

    Its funny you are near to Barnoldswick as my favourite grandma on my uncles side of the family lived there too. I really must revisit that area in the not too distant future.


  2. Hope dad got the telly sorted for you for the wedding. I only watched the highlights. All is well my end and things are getting better. My phone is up and running again so I will call soon take care both love you Lj