Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back and Forth and Back Again

Back and forth and back again!    Last Thursday we moved to Skipton for services and supplies and then back to Kildwick Friday and today back to Skipton !     So we have actually done 15 miles but only moved 5  on our return trip on the Leeds & Liverpool.    Three reasons for this strange behaviour:
1.   We need to go slowly as we don’t want to hit the Nelson-burnley-Blackburn-Wigan run until after the Easter holidays when the kiddiewinks are back at school …. And
2.   Dai has to travel to Birmingham tomorrow for his mum’s funeral so we needed to be by a railway station  
3.   Where we are now is the most beautiful part of the Leeds & Liverpool so we want to make the most of it

Oh boy - what smashing weather last weekend ---- it was really hot.    Out came the sunglasses, shorts and sandals - hurray, no socks and jumpies!!   We even had salad for dinner ---- then it all disappeared and we had really cold winds.    Nevermind, such wonderful sunshine is brilliant for a couple of days in April.

My cousin Alan and his wife Nicola saw the arrival of their first child end of last week - many congrats and a big big welcome to Sophie Mary.

Don’t think there is much else to tell you this week so here’s some Spring time photos …..

Since last blog we have done …  15 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 1113 miles and  946 locks  

err, excuse me mrs duck - one "normal" duckling and one fluffy yellow one?   What you been up to then?!

the lambs are nearly bbq-ing size

not a bad back garden from the kitchen window - now you can see why we liked it so much at Kildwick

me and foxxie just soaking a few rays just before Dai starts sawing more fuel for the fire (still getting a bit nippy in the evenings)

"gimme a leg up mammy - I've had enough of this swimming lark"

on 23 Sept 1943 during a training flight, a Wellington bomber HZ251 and its Polish crew crashed into the bank of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal near swingbridge 183 between Kildwick and Skipton.    All seven members of the crew were killed.   This memorial was unveiled on 22 April 2007

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