Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ducklings and Blossom - First Sighting April 4

Millions of swing bridges this week --- lots of wind, some sun  --- first sighting of blossom and ducklings.

We left Skipton last Friday, through Kildwick,  Silsden, Keighley to Bingley Five Rise Locks.    We had decided not to go down the locks as didn’t particularly want to go into Leeds and from Bingley it is pretty much built up.    So we turned at the Five Rise and started the journey back the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.  Tonight we are moored at Kildwick with great views across the Airedale Valley one side and the moors the other with fields of lambs around us.    

We now plan to stick around this area (Kildwick, Skipton, Gargreave, Barnoldswick) until after the school Easter Holidays as we would prefer to run the stretch from Foulbridge to bottom of Wigan Flight as fast as possible when the kiddies are at school which in this neck of the woods is around April 25-ish.    We are gearing ourselves up to be in “hireboat” mode ---- ie, long days of moving until we get onto the Trent & Mersey.    I have to say that from Foulbridge to Bingley is a really beautiful stretch of canal in the Yorkshire Dales but am sorry to say that from Foulbridge to bottom of Wigan Flight is not somewhere we want to meander through.   

Since last blog we have done …  20 miles and 0 locks
This makes total since Setting Off ….. 1098 miles and  946 locks

Beautiful Yorkshire Dales

Blossom - spring is definitely here !

Canalside homes at Silsden

First moorhen nesting this year.   I just love moorhens, they are so industrious

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