Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just who did I make a rag rug for ??

Drizzle, wind, wind, drizzle ---- on and on and on ---- come back sunshine!

This week we have moved from Preston Tunnel, through Barnton, by the Anderton Lift, bypassed Northwich and are now moored in the middle of nowhere about 4 miles north of Middlewich.     

Caught a bus to Northwich about 4 miles away last Friday and nearly had a dickie fit when the driver asked for £8.80.    Yes, £8.80 return for the two of us.   Daylight robbery but we needed some supplies, so off we went.    Quite a big town with an indoor market and the usual array of shops.

Over the weekend we were at Anderton and decided to look round the Lift Exhibition which was, actually, quite interesting.     They were doing good business too with the lift especially I think as there was a rally of old Morgan cars --- beautiful machines.

On Sunday our friends Ian and Sarah came with their boys Aaron and Jack so we all went round the Exhibition - the boys loved it as there were several interactive things they could do.

Since last blog we have done …  12 miles and 0 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1228 miles and  1005 locks  

my first rag rug finished !

...... which Foxxie claimed within an hour !!

mayhem at Anderton, fighting for a mooring space !

"side" view of Anderton Lift

"end" view of Anderton Lift

Anderton Lift in operation as the two caissons pass each other

I found this and the following 3 bits of information in 
the Anderton Lift Exhibition the most interesting

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