Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Man with Windlass

----- that was Dai on Monday as he worked the lock outside the Mucky Duck at Fradley Junction for 5 hours non-stop!!    We were moored there and the boats started coming up from the IWA Festival at Burton on Trent.    They started about 6.30 am and then were constant until around 3 pm when it started to tail off a bit.    Lots of working boats with butties as well as the other narrow boats - it was utter chaos.  He just loved it!!    Normally of course I do the locks so he was glad to have the chance to get some practice in!  
Must admit going through Fradley is not my favourite as it’s always a bit of a bottleneck - in fact, once it took us 5 hours to do the five locks there!    
So this last week we have carried on our way to Trent Lock coming through Gailey, Great Haywood, Armitage, Fradley, Burton and tonight we are moored at Willington.    The weather’s been super - hot and sunny although today we had a 3 minute burst of heavy rain!!   

I refilled my roof tub with new flowers from the nursery just up the road from Gailey Lock as we could also get more compost there and the 2nd batch of lettuce is now pickable - it’s grown like mad these last couple of weeks.

Foxxie managed a couple of swims while we were moored outside Shrugborough Hall at Gt Haywood as the river there is crystal clear and very accessible for her.    But she couldn’t go in Branston Lake just north of Burton as the water was really low and covered in blue algae - she was crying when we wouldn’t let her go in there!

Had a very nice Italian meal at The Bridge at bridge 34 at Branston last night.   The place has changed hands since we were last there but they have carried on doing just Italian food same as the previous owners.

Since last blog we have done …  52 miles and  26 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1409 miles and  1157 locks  

Every time Dai chucked a bunch of dandelions into the field,
the cows ran (so I missed getting them in the shot!)
and then scrapped over who was munching them!

good place to get took short !   Millions of loos!

uh oh --- better take Dai another cup of tea -
he's slacking at the lock!

and yet more working boats waiting for the lock

President and her butty Kildare going into the lock

President up the lock and waiting for Kildare coming up

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