Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boozy Sunday

Aha ---- summer is here!!!    Lovely weather this week - long may it last!!   I hope the sun is shining where you are.    Brewood on the Shropshire Union Canal- that’s where we are tonight.

Had my first ever taste of eel last Thursday - umm, not too sure.    Dai pan fried it and there wasn’t very much but eh - first eating out of the canal has got to be good!

Outrageous Sunday in Audlem did we have --- friends Fred and Lisa are holidaying on a hireboat so we met up with them in the Shroppie Fly pub about 2 pm and apart from an hour’s break to “freshen up” carried on till around 11 pm so lots of beer consumed with a big meal thrown in at some point!!   Great to meet up again and here’s to the next time in November.

So, then Monday saw the start of our voyage back to Trent Lock - we will probably move every day now as have 150 lock miles to do before August 6.     I feel exhaustion coming on thinking about it - we haven’t moved every day until we first set off, what, 16 months ago!!    

Bought our usual 2 trays of free range eggs at the Adderley Wharf Farm Shop which is right beside Lock 1 of the Adderley Flight just south of the Audlem Flight.    They are just the most fab eggs we have ever had anywhere.    They also sell homemade cakes and their own lamb, sausage, bacon etc.    We highly recommend them.  

Saw a kingfisher today just sitting on a boat’s mooring rope - couldn’t believe it, it just sat there as we sailed by.    I grabbed the camera - not brilliant shots but did catch him -- a rare opportunity.  We have seen ever less this year than last, probably due to the harsh winter.

Since last blog we have done …  30 miles and  26 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1357 miles and  1125 locks

Kingfisher posing

always quite a bustling place - Norbury Wharf -
 especially on a warm summer day

I did tell Dai that it was time he stopped fishing for the day

going through Cowley Tunnel (81 yds) at Gnosall

entering the narrow just after Cowley Tunnel

see - summer is here and I must make the most of it


  1. haha mum I love the photo of the fisherman and especially your caption, really made me laugh :D xx

  2. just couldn't help myself !!! xxx