Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Fishy Tales

Well, what have we done this last week?    Cruised to the end of the Middlewich Branch, turned right onto the Shropshire Union so going south ---- in search of some sun!    Err, no we didn’t find any --- except for today when we have had some sunshine peeking out of the clouds!    We are moored at Coomb Pilate which is about a mile from Hack Green locks.    It’s usually a very busy mooring but when we got here yesterday about midday, there were no boats although some did arrive for the night and then all disappeared this morning.    As I write this it is about half filled.    It is such a lovely mooring thanks to the Shropshire Union Canal Society with mooring rings, loads of tables/benches and by each a metal barbeque stand.     It’s in the middle of nowhere in the countryside so perhaps everyone is drowning their sorrows about “summertime” in a pub instead!

Dai’s been fishing again these last couple of days and managed quite a few bigger fish than gudgeon!   Roach mainly and today a good sized eel which managed to chomp through the line and escape as I was running inside for a knife (apparently to chop off its head as Dai had visions of eel pie tonight !!)

Oh dear - had to ditch the pansies the other day as they have now gone past their best --- the roof looks so bare now.    We had hoped to get some different flowers in Nantwich --- saw the flowers but couldn’t find any compost so the roof is still bare.

Did anyone see the news on West Midlands BBC website about offenders working on the canals?   In case not, here is the extract.   We have occasionally seen some such gangs here and there so hoping the more organised scheme will take off.

Offenders are to be set a range of tasks aimed at improving canal towpaths across the West Midlands.
People sentenced to community pay back tasks will embark on a number of jobs including painting locks, cutting back vegetation and removing litter.
The work will take place on canals in Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Stafford.
British Waterways said it had run similar schemes before but this was the start of a 12-month agreement.
Previous work between British Waterways and probation trusts had taken place on an ad-hoc basis but this partnership had a more co-ordinated approach, a spokesman said.
If successful, the programme could be rolled out to other areas of the country

Since last blog we have done …  13 miles and  4 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1327 miles and  1099 locks  

looks a bit lost in the landing net doesn't it !

some colour on a dull day in Barbridge

Getting better Dai !

Errie evening on Nantwich Embankment

Caught a snake!!   No, its the eel that got away

Peaceful at Coomb Pilate mooring

Stargazer Pie courtesy the gudgeon !


  1. Should have mentioned about the gudgeons eyes, you leave 'em in, that way they'll see you through the week.

  2. The pie looks very strange with the fishes sticking out of it, and sort of creepy.

    I like it.

    Amy x

  3. Well the weather could be worse, Dad you need to start catching some real sized fish, what are you playing at. Glad you are both well, and you did not need to suffer eel pie Jan, Take care

    LJ xx

  4. funny you should say that LJ ---- believe it or not, eel pie tonight --- really, honestly (I never had eel before) as your dad caught another today which didn't get away!

  5. ha ha Graham and Jill --- rate Dai is catching the little tiddlers, don't need to leave the eyes in!