Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Dai

Celebrations yesterday for Dai’s birthday ---- homemade Welsh Cakes for lunch (Dai’s request when I asked him what sort of birthday cake he wanted); good rib eye steaks at local pub - Royal Oak -  and a few pints of real ale there and also at the other pub in village - Broughton Arms.

We have moved this week all of 2 miles !! ---- well, it makes the total mileage as continuous cruisers a nice round 1300 miles.    This did include 9 locks in the flight “Heartbreak Hill” although we don’t find them that bad at all and lots of them are twinned.    And you don’t have to do them all in one go as lots of places to moor.    We’ll probably carry on down Heartbreak Hill tomorrow (think there are another 14 locks to go).

Hey - and sunshine this week!!!     Two and a half days - we made the most of it being moored at Rode Heath.     Back to drizzle, sharp showers and some sunny intervals since yesterday though.

Forgot to tell you about our early morning awakening last week at Bosley Locks.    Foxxie started barking like a mad thing about 5 am so Dai dived out of bed to see what was going on ---- nothing he could see but Foxxie wouldn't shut up.   Then we heard a chap shouting about a lamb and suddenly heard terrific bangs against side of Jandai.   So Dai got dressed properly and went out and lo and behold a lamb was swimming up the canal.   To cut a long story short, the chap had pulled the lamb out of the canal once and was on his way for the second saving.    Yes, he got the lamb out and laid it on the far bank.   Chap was back on towpath side going to his boat when the lamb plunged back into the canal - well, we could hear the sheep in field on towpath side ba-ba-ing like crazy.   So a third rescue was made and they carried the lamb over the locks to towpath side and laid him in the field.   No more ba-ba-ing so can only assume it was reunited with mum.

Nothing much else to report this week - hope you all managed to catch some rays and let’s all hope more are coming before “summer” is over !!

Since last blog we have done …  2 miles and 9 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1300 miles and  1074 locks  

exhausted little lamb

boats at Rode Heath on Trent and Mersey Canal

view from Jandai mooring at Rode Heath

Jandai mooring at Rode Heath

Twinned lock  53 at Rode Heath but only one lock available
as the one on the right  no longer in use!

Family of 6 cygnets, mum and dad


  1. Happy Birthday Dai! Any chance of getting a copy of the recipe for Welsh cakes??

  2. Happy Birthday Dai

  3. Happy Birthday Dai!

    Yeah.... sorry it is so late.

    Ha silly lamb, you should have bbq'd it

    Amy x