Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wasps and Flies !

 Unbelievable!     How come we are still killing wasps and flies in the boat in the middle of November!

Yuck - don’t like it.     Obviously it’s the unseasonable warmth this last week - however, gone cold today.  Must have done as Dai wore his new - hand knitted by me! - Aran jumpie today while pointing Jandai up the canal from Gailey to Coven.  Can’t quite believe it took me only about a month to knit so now started on one for me.
Dai posing in his new handknitted jumpie
whilst stuffing his face with a homemade mince pie.
 I am turning into a Domestic Goddess!

Dai has a new axe - purchased from Penkridge Market - as he broke the handle off the old one by doing his Mad Axe Man thing! 

There are still loads of leaves on the trees - although you wouldn’t think it by the amount of “leaf balls” we are picking up on the prop.

Amy is settling down well in Thailand and seems to be really enjoying her new life as a teacher.    Today she wrote on Face book : “Had one class so far today, and have sent FOUR naughty boys outside already... Sucks for them, because they missed out on the Robot Song and dancing! HA. I hate naughty boys. I also frightened the whole class, by getting my scary/deadly voice out and telling them to "Sit. Down. ...... NOW." Haha it was funny, though they were scared to talk to me afterwards, oops!   I didn’t shout - did the stern voice thing and it worked!

Since last blog we have done … 13 miles and  11 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1485 miles and  1205 locks  
See the blue sky!
Washing drying outside on Nov 13

This is the adapted BrolleyMate holder
I use for my washing now.
I tried it as it comes but the wet washing is just
too heavy as the contraption swishled round and
I ended up with half the washing in the canal!
So Dai drilled a hole on the bottom bar so I can
put a tiller pin through the whole lot to secure it.
Works a treat now with the whirleygig on
(although I can only just reach on my tippy-toes
 to hang the washing!)

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  1. Dai that is a GREAT looking sweater/jumpie it would be perfect for a Detroit, Michigan winter!
    Have you tried the fiberglass axe handles? They can take the abuse from a Mad Axe Man.

    Also a note from your 11.9.11 entry, that bacon buttie looked excellent! Happy bd Jan!