Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The North Wind Doth Blow (well, it did last week)

…. But PLEASE don’t let us have snow!    Actually, I don’t mind snow, it’s the ice that is awful when you’re living on a narrow boat.   The ice that traps you like it did us this time last week from 27 Nov for 7 weeks!    Not looking much like that though yet this year as I even managed to dry washing outside today in the glorious sunshine!     Had a lot of wind this last week though especially during Thursday night when there were 20 foot waves gusting down the canal !!   

Met up with our friends Fred and Lisa on Saturday when they started their 2 week narrow boat holiday from Norbury.   We went for a meal Sat night at the Norbury junction where it was Sizzling Saturday, so we all sizzled and jolly good it was too!    Sunday morning we both cruised south to Wheaton Aston where we had a few pints on arrival.    Then Dai cooked dinner - roast pork and all the usual accompliments, followed by my fruitie sponge all washed down with wine of course.    Great evening with good company.

Monday morning Fred and Lisa went off towards Birmingham and we’ll spend the new week around here ready to meet up with them on their return to Norbury for - no doubt - a few pints, meals and fun.

Last day of Nov today so December tomorrow folks!   Saw our first Christmas tree a few days ago and just spotted another on front of a boat moored just opposite us --- oh dear!

Since last blog we have done … 20 miles and  2 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1512 miles and  1208 locks

that time of year again - wood gathering,
chopping and splitting

nice pile ready for stacking on roof

first Christmas Tree spotted

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