Thursday, December 8, 2011

Monday was Sunday

---- as Dai’s brother and sister-in-law came to visit us last Sunday.   We had a couple of pints at lunchtime and then Dai got me cooking Welsh cakes by the hundred which he and Glyn demolished leaving me and Linda with the odd one we could grab!!!    So when they had gone we didn’t really feel like a Sunday roast so we had it on Monday instead.  I think this is the first time we haven’t had a roast dinner on Sunday since we lived on the boat !    

This week we have just travelled from Brewood to Wheaton Aston and back to Brewood to meet up with Fred and Lisa again as they now make their way back to Norbury.    Had a good night in the local last night and a good walk this afternoon in the wind.    Dai conducted a Masterclass in bread making before we set off on our walk at Lisa’s request and hopefully before much longer the results will be risen enough to go into the oven.

Succumbed to Tesco delivery over the weekend.    This is first time we have done it although we know a lot of boaters do use them regularly.    It was very easy, straightforward and arrived within the hour they promised directly to the boat.    We had a load of heavy and bulky stuff delivered and will definitely be using them again for this sort of shopping.

Since last blog we have done … 12 miles and  2 locks
Total since Setting Off ….. 1524 miles and  1210 locks  

well, it does look quite spectacular in real life!
a huge tree festooned with fairy lights seen
from mooring at Wheaton Aston

Funny how Lisa ended up doing all the kneading
during Dai's Masterclass !

no prizes for guessing what Dai has on his Santa list !

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