Wednesday, July 18, 2012

visitors galore

Fred and Lisa came to see us at Shackerston and we had nice meal at the Rising Sun pub (and a few beers!!).   Their boat is coming along really well at Kingfishers.

Then Dai’s daughter Nikki came out when we were at Hinckley and took us to see her new house which is lovely - so another nice night out.

And today Amy has come for a few days on the train to where we are today at Atherstone (ha ha, 11 locks tomorrow!).    Amy’s boyfriend is a veggie so we’re treating her to steak dinner tonight (back to pasta and pasta and more pasta next week Amy).   Foxxie went mental when Amy arrived - singing for hours!!!

So, done the Ashby Canal and now back on the Coventry heading towards the Trent and Mersey.    Not going to mention the rain ---- lovely sunshine as I write this.  Yes really!

Since last blog we have done … 34 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1907 miles and  1556 locks  

pineapple on a stick.
sexy mooring post !

new swingbridge since we were last at
Ashby Canal terminus
Ashby Canal terminus -
looking back from current end
even the pylons are shrinking in
this bloody rain !


  1. Wasn't the pinapple a sign of welth years ago?

  2. Pineapple??? Looks like a thistle to me,having lived in Scotland for a bit.Enjoy your time with Amy,thanks for a great night in the Rising Sun,and we're looking forward to meeting up again soon.
    Fred & Lisa.

  3. Hundreds of years ago the pineapple was a sign of wealth--and welcome; it still is in the NE U.S. states. The Ashby is lovely--we spent our first month back from America on it last September. Great blackberrying all along--especially near Stoke Golding. I see you are headed to the T & M. We are near Hassall Green, making our way down to the Caldon, then back up to the Maccie via the T & M. Perhaps our paths will cross again? It would be lovely to see you both.
    Jaq and Les

  4. there were two such mooring posts --- so must have been very rich!!
    We are slowly making our way to Trent Lock at Long Eaton for a dry dock blacking at Kingfisher narrowboats on Aug 20 - joining the Trent and Mersey at Fradley.