Thursday, July 26, 2012

roasted eyeballs on toast

(late posting as internet connection Wed was very poor - between “no service” and 1-2 bars, and I need at least 3 steady bars to upload and 4 to get photos on)

Omigod !!!   It’s too hot ---- we had roasted eyeballs on toast for tea last night and tonight the boiled, bit-to-death ankles!!!    Ha ha - we Brits can do “moan about the weather” dead good!!!    No, seriously, it is just lovely to have a couple of days without rain (thunderstorms expected in a day or two) and be able to wear next-to-nought clothes (don’t worry, at least I am covered but ----- Dai is quite stripped off !!!).

Had a really lovely time since last blog as Amy arrived last Wednesday and then her boyfriend Andy joined us Saturday morning and they both departed Sunday afternoon.
The inside of Jandai was scrubbed, dusted, de-Foxxie-haired and gleamed like a new pin - thanks Amy!!   I have to smile though cos when a teenager at home, then getting her to just put dirty clothes in the laundry bin was a Grand Feat !!!     Of course, Amy was here before the Summer, so she slaughtered me at Scrabble more than once - just proves my brain is on a go-slow more and more since retirement !!

Had another great meal out at Samuel Barlows at Alvecote - well recommended when you are around there.  

Since last week we haven’t moved far - down Atherstone Flight to Polesworth; to Alvecote; Fazeley, and now we are moored at Whittington.    Need to be in Alrewas for Saturday evening for a long-time-arranged meet up with old friends.   We’ll probably do from here, through Fradley to Alrewas in one go tomorrow or Friday.    Alrewas is very popular especially at weekends as lots of “weekenders” journey there from Barton and Mercia marinas (we know, we were once one of them!).

Since last blog we have done … 18 miles and 13 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1925 miles and  1569 locks

looks like an orignal !
We have cassette loos so don't need to see if this is functional
every little helps - thanks Amy
baby adder basking in the sunshine on the towpath
bash, bash, bash
Andy, Amy and a lethal weapon !

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