Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Fish Dinner

Left Whittingham on the Coventry Canal last Thursday and managed to find a slot at Fradley which was a bit unexpected as the sun was shining and there are several hireboat companies a bit further down the Trent and Mersey and also several marinas so especially at this time of the year, it‘s a bit tight.    

Met fellow bloggers Doug and James from NB Chance and spent a pleasant time chatting.  It’s always good to meet new blogger friends as, somehow, you “trust” what they say on their blogs more once you know them ---- things like good pubs and places to eat.

Only spent one night at Fradley as we wanted to get down to Alrewas early Friday as this is always a very popular place.     We managed to get on the only wide bit of canal on a 14 day mooring which was just as well ----- old friends came down Saturday for a long-standing arrangement to go out for the evening to catch up ---- and by the time they arrived, there were no mooring spots at all but they were able to breast up with us.

Had a very nice dinner at the George and Dragon in Alrewas - lots of fish dishes which made a change as so often there is only “fish and chips” and ten to one the fish is frozen (badly).

On Sunday we had an unexpected visitor - from Dai’s past who he hasn’t seen for a number of years so Dai and John were able to catch up.

We are now at Branston Water close to Burton-on-Trent.

Since last blog we have done … 12 miles and 9 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1937 miles and  1578 locks  

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