Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I need a long lie down before my waterski-ing lessons begin !!

spot the difference (not counting one is shinier than the other!)
yes, New Prop is bigger!!   it's 18/12 replacing the 17/10
... and here it is in situ

We’ve had a very exciting week with so much happening I am quite exhausted!!

Been in Kingfishers Dry Dock since Monday lunchtime and come out Friday ---- several jobs to do while we are in
1.   Bottom blacking
2.   Fitting of THE new propeller
3.   Found a tiny leak on the diesel tank which is now mended
4.   Fitting of a plate on the weed hatch.    Most boats come with one but for some reason Piper shells don’t so we’ve now had that rectified.
5.   Dai’s Girlie Button is now fixed too ----- its been k-nacked for about 6 months or so and could only be fixed in dry dock so he decided he could wait until now for the yearly blacking.    Simple job to do once they could see the problem.    Something must have hit the bow thruster prop and busted a fixing so Mick just had to get the old off and put a new on and hey presto - back in business
6.   A guard type thing welded across the bow thruster ends to stop what happened from happening again!

So, yes, the New Prop duly arrived from Crowthers Marine in Oldham on the agreed delivery date - their help and guidance has been first class.   I am now duly looking forward to going waterski-ing when we get out onto the River Trent …….

My daughter Amy has got engaged to Andy - I am really delighted and now have to decide whether peach, apricot or powder blue suits me best …..!!!!

Dai celebrated his 60th birthday again at the weekend with my family ---- BBQ in the drizzle under the gazebo at my brother and sister-in-law’s and a Very Good Time was had by all ……

New specs on order for us both ---- well, we expected to have to cough up when we made the optician appointments and at least because we are staying around here for a few more weeks, we are in the one place to sort it out.

The Green Carpet is still very much in evidence here at Trent Lock --- those weevils put in the canal to gobble it up obviously aren’t that hungry

Since last blog we have done … 0 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1958 miles and  1588 locks
not enough there to feed me, never mind rest of them!
one sausage or two ??
Think the men folk have gone to raid the beer fridge Mand!
at least it wasn't dark this time when Ian and Irene went past us!!
This steam launch was built in the 1930's and the engine in the 1890s


  1. We call bow thrusters 'sissy buttons!'. I'm only jealous that we don't have one, mind. Dai must be over the moon with his new prop. Men do like to boast about having bigger equipment. As for me, I don't know what the fuss is about!! So long as its in working order what does size matter! Te he. Great photo of us both. Nor sure whats tickling my fancy though!
    Best wishes to you both
    Irene & Ian

    PS Happy 60th Dai

  2. Happy birthday, Dai!!!
    Janice, miss you! Are you available for a call anytime this week?