Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out of the Black Hole!

“No crimes to report from over the long weekend, although there was a bit of an issue with one boater in Kinver yesterday who was trying to get everyone to move their boats to allow him to 'park' his boat in between. 
Officers attended and all those present were spoken with and the late-arriver-boater was advised to park further up. All was sorted in the end.
(P.S. Do you 'park' a narrowboat'?)”
Copied from Staffordshire Canal Watch Post on Face book ---- bit of canal rage?!

Out of the Black Hole last Friday ---- thank goodness.    It’s a necessary evil being in the dry dock but doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it!!    We are still at Trent Lock at River Trent end of the Erewash canal as the weevils obviously aren’t very hungry and we are still stuck in the multiplying water fern carpet!!     Ha ha, not really although we were told that an entry on Canalworld Forum said it was not possible to go up the Erewash because of the Azolla weed spread !  We are still here for a couple of weeks as we visit family and friends in the area and have more necessary appointments to attend.    John and Mick of Kingfisher Narrowboats are really good letting us stay on one of their moorings so we are off the towpath and the mad cyclists - there seem to be more than a fair share of them here because the towpath is very well maintained and hard surfaced.

Had many visitors this last week ::::
Amy’s fiance’s parents and sister came on Saturday and we had a reasonable meal at the Steamboat pub which has been re-opened now about 3 weeks.
My mum and neice Millie came for a picnic with Amy.
Fred and Lisa arrived with pressies for Foxxie - Lisa has knitted her a blanket and pillow which was so very kind and thoughtful as Foxxie does like going to sleep snuggled up with her head higher than her body for some reason!

We went to Colwick Park Sunday for Amy and Andy’s “daytime” engagement celebrations (we are two old fogies who couldn’t possibly manage the evening pub crawl around Nottingham).    There was a BBQ and live music (Andy is in a local rock band) but unfortunately we had to leave before the swimming in the lake commenced ----- although Foxxie found the water to be very much to her liking!

Bad rain here today and no boats at all spotted cruising by on the canal although there have been a few on the River Trent.

Since last blog we have done … 0 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1958 miles and  1588 locks  

mmmm ---- comfie
Foxxie enjoying her new cushion knitted by Lisa
Amy and Andy at their waterside engagement celebration

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  1. Helloooooo Just been catching up on your blogs - congrats to Amy & Andy on their engagement!! Wow!! Phillippa says the sobbing gets even worse when they get married! ;)
    Great to hear you're out of the scary black hole ;) Love to John & Mick from us, tell them we're keeping our bilge dry! ;)