Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Ho and Off We Go

….. Roaming again!!!    After a very pleasant 7 weeks at Trent Lock, we got off the Erewash Canal last Thursday evening when a very nice CART man came and told us that he would unlock the gates and let us through if we left there and then, otherwise we would probably be there for quite a few more days.   This was due to the pollution I told you about last week.   So we locked down onto the River Trent and stayed overnight on the lock moorings ready for setting forth Friday morning.

Thanks to John and Mick at Kingfisher Narrowboats for the jobs done and letting us “overstay” on their moorings!

So, Friday morning saw us cross the River Trent (quite literally) and turn down the River Soar.   Now, previously, I haven’t much cared for cruising on rivers as there’s been steep banks with trees so you can’t see much other than the river and moorings are very limited.  The River Soar is very pretty with lots to look at and plenty of places to moor.   Friday night we stayed just outside Kegworth in the middle of lovely, tranquil scenery.    What we hadn’t realised is that it was quite a hike back up the towpath to reach the village!  Never mind, the mooring was well worth the walk as we needed a few groceries and Sunday joint.   Dai still cooks a full Sunday roast dinner every week so we were pleased to find a butchers in Kegworth which I have to recommend to you all.   We had pork loin and it was up there in the best ever eaten.

Dai is ecstatic with his new prop - it's improved the manoeuvrability and reduced the engine revs which, in turn, will reduce the  amout of diesel consumed (and he has his girlie button back so happiness all round!).

But …. The best laid plans and all that …. Rain started and flood warnings abounded.   The River Soar levels go up and down like a yoyo with any rain so on Sunday we decided to move or risk being on a rising river.   It is not very clear from Nicolsons (canal atlas for those who don’t know) when you are on the river and when you are on the canal - the only way to really work it out is look for the weirs and flood gates.    So we went through Bishops Meadows lock just on outskirts of Loughborough as we knew we were then on canal.   Moored just before Loughborough Lock safe and sound!

Loughborough was quite a surprise to us both even though it isn’t a million miles from when we were housebound near Nottingham!   The town centre is much bigger than we expected - although on reflection, we should have known because Loughborough University is a renowned centre for sports science.   Of course, this week is Freshers Week so students everywhere!!

Yesterday we went through Loughborough Lock and down the arm to the basin for the services.   it’s a small basin with pontoons for 4 boats - Dai remembers there were plans to fill in the basin in the late 1990s but after an outcry, it was tidied up instead and now is quite smart… and the town centre is only minutes away with a huge Tesco and Sainsburys well within “trundling shopping” limits!!

We didn’t stop there however as we prefer to be on the towpath and overnight away from the very nearby pubs, so we just came back out of the arm and are moored just through Bridge 39 on a very pleasant mooring.    Boats have come by today so obviously the River Soar must be open again with water levels back down.

Staying here until at least Friday or Saturday as we have a local coal merchant delivering sometime on Friday (maybe longer if the River comes up again in the meantime - been some sharp showers today and forecast not good).

Since last blog we have done … 9 miles and 8 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1967 miles and  1596 locks  

our latest gadget - and what fun!
Top figure is outside temp
then humidity; then inside temp,
bottom figures are date and time
and the weather boy changes dependent on weather
so he might be stripped to his trunks, in normal clothers
or hat, coat and scarf on!
he also shows deckchair or umbrella or snowflakes!
and it seems to be pretty accurate!
..... following popular demand ....
new carpet (but you can't see the colour
very well.  It's a lot brighter in real life.
Love it !!
River Soar and South here we come
"emergency mooring in floods only"
ummm - well, I suppose if you are in a flood
you'd be very glad to see this
Wasn't flashing when we went by ....
but was a day or two later
cute eh ---- nice to be in Tuggyland

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  1. Nice carpet!!! All your photo's look good and the little man is brilliant.Take care.
    Fred & Lisa