Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just when we thought it was safe to go ….

The Erewash canal has a stoppage!!    There was a fire at a big factory a few miles up the canal yesterday or day before which resulted in a “pollution incident” so the Erewash is currently closed at Trent Lock while they re-oxygenate the water.   Might be open tomorrow but don’t know yet.    Mind you, the CART men have let some boats down Trent Lock and a few up today.   I asked about us going down tomorrow and was told we’d have to ask in the morning …… so after being here since mid August moored at Kingfisher Narrowboats on one of their moorings, I guess another day or so won’t really matter that much ….. Except Dai is badly wander lusting and now that we have caught up with family and friends, I am also ready to go.

We are planning on going onto the River Soar from Trent Lock as we haven’t travelled that stretch before.   We have now of course to start planning round the Winter Stoppages but the first one we meet will be at Lapworth Locks from mid Nov to 7 December so we then have some options : might meander there to go through after the stoppage into Birmingham; get through before the stoppage; or change route before then off the Grand Union at Braunston ----- so many choices!!    We will then get onto the Shropshire Union.

Amy and Andy are gone!!     Set off from home last Tuesday evening to get to Heathrow for flight via India to Thailand, night in Bangkok then a 12 hour train journey north to Chiang Mai where they will be working.
So both busy now job hunting to teach English and today had their first demo teaching ---- I’m sure they will soon be set up.      It’s really hot over there right now ---- just as the nights are drawing in here.   We have started to have the odd fire in the evenings but at least the daytimes are still bright and sunny.

We have had our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom carpeted today and its looks lovely!!    We had vinyl tiles in those rooms, because of Foxxie dog and all her hair shedding - but they were starting to lift here and there.    So we are now “taking shoes off indoors” which is something we said we would never do!!   Oh, and had to buy a vacuum cleaner which has to live in the shower!!    No room anywhere else!

Since last blog we have done … 0 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 1958 miles and  1588 locks

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  1. Hi Jan and Dai

    We can still see the smoke from the Stanton recycling fire from Shipley Park not far from here! Two boats, Nb Misu & Nb Fandango, came up and through the pollution a couple of days ago. They said it was like going through a foam bath with the foam coming up over the gunwales. Like you, they too are stuck here until C&RT give the all clear. Whats a bit worrying is that below Langley Mill lock we must have 20 or more dead fish. Could the chemical have traveled on the boats hull to here? we ask ourselves. I don't suppose we will ever know but it must have been highly toxic!
    Shame you never made it up to see us, but with family commitments, coming all the way up the Erewash would be difficult. Hope your continued travel will be stress free and enjoyable and we look forward to your next installment.
    Hope to meet up with you again one day.
    Best wishes from
    Ian & Irene