Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moist Doldrums

What an odd week this has been ……

Before I go into that though - one big piece of good news is that Amy and Andy have both got jobs this week with work permits teaching English over in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   I am so very proud (now waiting for my first class air ticket to Thailand as they become baht millionaires!!)

We’re been moored outside Crick Marina since last Saturday and it feels like we are “becalmed” in the Doldrums - not that that I‘ve ever really experienced this but I have watched the movie “Master and Commander” more than once!!   It’s been - and still is today - very warm day and night (umm, is it usually around 16 degrees outside during the day and falling to 12 degrees at its lowest in the night at this time of year??) no wind, moist and mirky and misty outside.

Added to the “doldrums” feeling is that I haven’t been off the boat for 3 days now.   Let me explain why :  Last week I decided it was time for socks and boots as it was getting a bit nippy round the toe ends and too muddy on the towpath to stay with the bare feet and walking sandals.    So I donned the colder weather footwear for a nice long walk along the towpath - oh no,  the first outing of boots resulted in agony.  When we got back to Jandai,  I gingerly removed them and it was like a bloodbath.   No, seriously, my heels resembled raw liver and only today, 3 days later, am I able to hobble about without dripping blood everywhere.   

OK, I know I am sometimes prone to a bit of exaggeration but it was so bad, the boots are in the nearest skip and I’ve had to hunt out my reserve pair as Dai wants to move tomorrow.  He and Foxxie are now fed up of walking the same bit of path - ha ha, especially as he walked back to Yelvertoft yesterday to visit the butcher there and he was closed all day!   Mind you, they went again today and so we are well stocked with bacon and sausage.   Although - poo - they are not “Award Winning”.    We have to laugh at so many butchers we come across ---- with their “Award Winning” posters and Certificates with Gold Stamps embossed on them pinned up --- we never realised how many “Sausage Champion” shows there must be around and about.

Following my comments about the “noisy parkers” last week, 2 fellow bloggers told us: 

Well I don't suppose it would work as well on a narrow boat, but when I had a problem with a rude male neighbour who thought it would be good to flash naked whenever i came to my living room window, I took the male nude centerfold out of Playgirl magazine and taped it up to the window! He soon lost interest in flashing me. We haven't had any over curious nosy peeps except very small children which Les always offers them a peek inside the main cabin from the front steps.


As far as nosy people go we once had a hand, grasping a compact camera come in the side hatch and take a photo', he then turned the camera round and took a picture the other way. That was on the Thames, lucky we were only having a cuppa at the time.

Dai and I had to laugh the other day - a small boy was approaching Jandai and I heard him say (remember, very warm this last week so lots of windows open) “I’m going to have a good look into this boat”.    So, true to his word, he came up very close to the window only to say, very sadly “oh no, I’m not, there’s someone in there”.    It doesn’t seem very funny written down here does it?    I think it was more his tone - going from loud/excited to soft/forlorn.   OK, you had to be here!

So, our next excitement is going through Crick Tunnel and then down Watford Locks.  We are even contemplating a McDonnells or a KFC or a Burger King pig-out as the canal touches the M1 Watford Gap Services after the Locks - well, it would be out of character as, yes, we have started the ritual pot of stew on the fire, now that the fire is in 24/7 !

Take care everyone on Halloween and don’t forget the clocks go back this coming weekend - from your crippled blogger Janice

Since last blog we have done … 11 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 2033 miles and  1643 locks  

Sorry, no photos this week as internet connection here is too weak.

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  1. It's no joke when shoes you think have been 'broken in' turns out to be cripple makers!!! Hope your heels heal soon. Have met up with Fred and Lisa on Chyandour. They came up to Langley over the weekend and we had a look around their boat. The lads have done them proud. I must say the 'finish' is fantastic. If that is Kingfisher standards then they should do very well!