Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ways to stop the Noisy Parkers!

Foxton Flight done - and probably the easiest flight I have ever locked through!
Two staircases of 5 locks each - took us around 45 minutes.   The lock-keeper set us off but after the first one, obviously assessed that we did know what we were doing and left us to it (and there was me thinking I would have help all the way up!)

Stayed a few nights at the top of the flight as we knew Roger and Pat off NB Cats Whiskers were on their way (going other way to us).   Had a very nice meal at the Foxton Locks Inn and then a pint at the other pub just across the canal called “Bridge 61”.   Mind you, the price of beer was frightening - £3.50 a pint at Foxton Locks and £3.30 at Bridge 61.   I know we are headed south but we’ll still in Leicestershire!!

Actually today we are in Northamptonshire - moored at the junction with the Welford Arm.   Went down the Arm last Monday after finding nowhere to moor between Foxton Locks and start of the Arm, so thought we may as well go the 2 miles to the end.   Several moorings but all taken!!  (Roger - you said there was plenty of room!!).    Anyway, we ended up blocking another boat in, with Jandai in the bushes from about half way down We decided on this course of action as a boat at the start of the “proper” moorings told us he was leaving in the morning, so we could move into that space….. Which is what we did and spent Tuesday night there.    
Trouble was we could only tie up the back and side, so when the wind started up during the night we were rudely awoken by the banging (repeat of the night in Market Harborough basin a week or so ago!).    

Big trumpet fanfare - our friends Fred and Lisa had handover of their narrowboat this week so look out for NB Chyandour on your travels or look at their blog at chyandour 

Telly heaven this last week ---- Strictly is back and Bake Off Final yesterday - love them both (and so does Dai by the way).

I am building up ways to deter those Noisy Parkers (those who know me well, know I am being very polite by saying “Parkers” - those who don’t will just have to make a guess at what I usually call them!).   That night in Welford Basin was good because at least no-one could walk by and peer in through the windows with vegetation one side and the canal the other!!   I am thinking of making a big sign inviting boarders at £1 a time for a proper look-see; feel like sticking my tongue out with a big scowl and waving fist.   What I do do when I get too fed up with it, is simply close the curtains!     It doesn’t bother Dai at all and I can cope with the “quick glancers”; laugh at the “I’m having a good look but pretending not to-ers” but the “press my nose to the window for a real good take it all in-ers” do get to me sometimes!!    Any good ideas would be most welcome!

With that said, I’d better now download the week’s photos and decide which to show you …….

Since last blog we have done … 12 miles and 12 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 2022 miles and  1643 locks  

Pat and Roger on back of Cat's Whiskers
going down in last lock of Foxton Flight
looking down Foxton Flight
looking up Foxton Flight
where has everyone gone?
one of the many info plaques around Foxton Locks
too much water on Foxton flight
pouring over the top gate


  1. Well I don't suppose it would work as well on a narrow boat, but when I had a problem with a rude male neighbor who thought it would be good to flash naked whenever i came to my living room window, I took the male nude centerfold out of Playgirl magazine and taped it up to the window! He soon lost interest in flashing me. We haven't had any over curious nosy peeps except very small children which Les always offers them a peek inside the main cabin from the front steps.

  2. Good to hear from you the other day, we're now nearly up at Sutton's Stop, heading for the Ashby for a while. Jill is in the process of back stitching the current work of art, that has taken over a week so far and it's not finished yet! As far as nosy people go we once had a hand, grasping a compact camera come in the side hatch and take a photo', he then turned the camera round and took a picture the other way. That was on the Thames, lucky we were only having a cuppa at the time.