Wednesday, December 19, 2012

anyone want a Christmas Elf?

Foxxie says : Woof, Woof, Woof to you All Lovely People
at Christmas Time

I think I could get a job as a “Birmingham German Christmas Market” tour guide!  We’ve been round a million times now in this past week - think I am Nutcracker’ed out!
It is huge and so colourful - especially in the dark - and would recommend anyone to visit.  It’s been there since middle of November and they all pack up and fly home this coming Sunday.   We’ve been told they bring their families over and the local council sort out school places for the children - it’s obviously a huge winner for Birmingham.   As well as all the stalls selling goods, there is loads of food and drink stands (although I did gag a bit at £5.50 for a small mug of Gluhwein ---- and no, that didn’t include the £3 deposit for the mug.   It was very welcome though as that particular night was very cold and it does warm the cockles of your heart quite merrily).

So, yes, we’re still in Birmingham and going to stay here now until after Christmas as we are on the 14 day moorings so shouldn’t have anyone knocking on the cabin telling us to move on!    There aren’t that many boats around but one or two float by each day and the occasional one stops overnight.   There is enough room for about 4 boats on each side on the 14 day moorings and since we got here, we’ve had 2 “permanent” neighbours.

Had visitations from family and friends this past week:
My mum came on the train from Nottingham for the day; Dai’s brother Glyn and wife Linda live in the suburbs of Birmingham so we had a lovely night on the Market with them; boatie friends Martine and Phillipa from coolcanals ; and boatie pals Fred and Lisa of NB Chyandour also came a-calling.   So you can understand my brilliant references to be a German Christmas Elf next year!     Bet you we won’t have any more visitors for a while --- it’s rather like the boatie version of no buses, then 4 in a row.    If anyone reading this happens to be walking/cruising by us over the Christmas holidays, do knock on our door to share a cup of tea and maybe even a homemade mince pie!

Dai is in his eyeholes being here in centre of Birmingham - he just loves prowling around the Meat and Fruit/Veg Markets and we’ve been feasting well on lamb chops, beef, cured bacon, etc etc.    We’ll certainly have a laden table Christmas Day!

For anyone who signed the petition I posted the link here to save Georges on the Audlem Flight on the Shropshire Union - thank you.   We hear that CART and Dan have come to some amicable agreement on how to proceed and he will remain selling his produce on the canalside, which is very good news.

We do wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays whether or not you celebrate this festivity in quite the same way as we do here in the UK (as I know we do get readers from all around the world)

Since last blog we have done … 0 miles and 0 locks  
Total since Setting Off ….. 2069 miles and  1701 locks  

I just had to share this christmas card with you - my daughter Amy sent it to me from Thailand.   If you look very carefully, you might just recognise the stars!  (you have to wait a few minutes while the video loads)

do you like my cross-stitched baubles?
these snowmen are my favourites

although I do love these Santas as well
I started sewing these Christmas decs in the summer
they take for ever to complete!

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  1. Merry Solstice and Happy Christmas to you both and your family! May the New Year bring you joy, continued good health and lots of laughter.
    Jaq and Les
    NB Valerie